ISO 9001:2015 – first certified maritime manpower supply company in Romania

NEDCON Maritime Manpower Supply: New certificate in force for NEDCON Maritime Manpower Supply! We are proud to announce that we are the first maritime manpower supply company in Romania certified on the new ISO 9001:2015 standard! As soon as the new International Standard ISO 9001:2015 has been launched, NEDCON Maritime Manpower Supply performed the …

Nedcon Maritime Manpower Supply ISO 9001:2015 certified

Gap Analysis and Transition to meet ISO 9001:2015

NEDCON Maritime Manpower Supply is proud to announce that a Gap Analysis and transition have been made in January 2016 to meet the new ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System requirements. Following the delivery of the new ISO 9001:2015 standard, Nedcon Maritime Manpower Supply had a very rapid reaction to immediately arrange for the required training …


Riding Teams – Georg Fischer

Taking the vessel off from trading for carrying out repairs in the dry docks is very expensive and many ship owners and ship managers would like to avoid it. The solution lies in conducting repairs through the help of a Riding Repair Team without disturbing vessel’s normal schedule and NEDCON Maritime Manpower Supply is committed to supplying highly skilled workers on request for these demands. The riding teams are ready to travel all over the world in order to carry out your maintenance and repair projects on board a vessel while on voyage, guaranteeing on-time completion with competitive cost. read more

Nedcon Maritime is Marlins and TOSE approved center

Marlins represents the main international provider of English Language Testing and Training solutions for the maritime industry. The ISF Marlins English Language Test was particularly created for this industry and is approved by the Chamber of Shipping through the International Shipping Federation. It basically consists in an online test of English …


Riding Squads for Passenger Refits

NEDCON Maritime: After completing last year the training for Georg Fisher innovative plastic piping systems with a group of over 30 Pipefitters, NEDCON Maritime continuously supplied riding squads for its client’s major projects for the passenger vessels refitting using this new piping system. read more


NEDCON Maritime: This year, Nedcon Maritime has started a new experience receiving a very important request for a team of Pipefitters to be trained in an innovative pipe system consisting of fiber glass pipes.

NEDCON Maritime performed very well in gathering the best team of professionals for the training and providing the facility and that all required tools and materials were in location, therefore assuring all the conditions for the training to be performed in optimal conditions. read more

Nedcon Maritime’s Certifications

NEDCON Maritime is committed to promoting the best practices in recruitment, selection and qualified personnel supply for ship’s operation and maintenance. Licensed by Lloyd’s Register and certified in compliance with ISO 9001:2008, NEDCON Maritime can design, implement, maintain and develop a quality management system meeting all specific legal …

Nedcon puts crewing in safe hands

Crewing companies have been getting to grips with the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC 2006) and Nedcon Maritime – an independent supplier of Romanian maritime manpower for seafaring, riding teams, shipyard personnel, oil and energy and hospitality personnel – has been working hard to ensure full compliance. Narcis Bacaintan, Managing Director, Nedcon, …

Rapid reaction – large amount of skilled people

Maritime sector is very unpredictable, the projects are being confirmed instantly and the rapid reaction and response are vital for the good development and the successful completion of the projects. The workforce is the most important component in achieving the proposed goals and that is the reason why NEDCON Maritime Manpower Supply represents the …

Nedcon Maritime Manpower Supply – New Visual Identity

NEDCON Maritime: We are pleased to announce the release of the new Nedcon Maritime visual identity, being satisfied with the results and the positive feedback received from behalf our partners and clients. Nedcon Maritime Manpower Supply is successfully playing the long-term game in the maritime industry arena, a place that calls for building and holding …

NEDCON Maritime’s experience at APM Singapore 2014

NEDCON MARITIME: Asia Pacific Maritime (APM) 2014 took place between 19th – 21st March in Singapore and was considered the region’s most important event, gathering the world’s latest and best in shipbuilding, shipyard industry, offshore segments and maritime services. Celebrating its 13th edition, this one-stop market for the region’s maritime …

The Training Courses for Romanian Officers and Ratings

Romanian seafarers have the reputation of being some of the best seafarers in the world and one reason for that is their continuous training offered by the Romanian Maritime Centers. Nedcon Maritime is recruiting for over 15 years the best qualified and trained Romanian seafarers for all types of vessels that are sailing worldwide. Life […]

Romanian Workforce Performance

NEDCON Maritime is the largest, independent Romanian Manpower Supply Company involved in the recruitment of Shipyard Personnel, Riding Teams, Romanian Seafarers, Oil & Energy Professionals and Hospitality Personnel. With an experience on the market of over 17 years, NEDCON Maritime has been providing manpower services to worldwide employers, deploying …

The Maritime Job Opportunities

The Maritime industry is one of the most offering and dynamic industry on the jobs market. This industry is growing rapidly being the source of a constant flow of trade worldwide. Maritime project management department plays a very important role and is assigned to deal with all the technical issues like ship condition surveys and […]

Find your place in a ship crew structure

The ship crew Seafarers hold a wide range of professions and ranks, and each of these roles carries unique and tremendous important responsibilities which are integral to the successful operation of a vessel. A ship’s bridge, with its sophisticated technical equipment, requires skills differing from those used on the deck, which houses all the …

Dynamic Positioning from A to Z (Part III)

  V. How to become a DP Operator The stages in becoming a DPO are the following:The DP operator, (DPO) is the officer in charge of judging whether there is enough redundancy available at any given moment of the operation. In order to become a DPO a seafarer must first have his Deck Officer Certificate, […]