Nedcon Maritime Manpower Supply – New Visual Identity

NEDCON Maritime: We are pleased to announce the release of the new Nedcon Maritime visual identity, being satisfied with the results and the positive feedback received from behalf our partners and clients. Nedcon Maritime Manpower Supply is successfully playing the long-term game in the maritime industry arena, a place that calls for building and holding trust in the eyes of a conservative and hard to impress public. As our business continued to grow we realized that rebranding was an essential step for our company to be known as a leading one in the industry, as we expanded into more challenging markets. Professionals in the industry and Nedcon Maritime team share two competitive and ambitious advantages: they are all responsible and highly adaptable. That’s why Nedcon is capable to honor very specific recruitment demands in a safe, rigorous and timely manner. The brand’s new visual identity conveys these advantages using a formal, but elegant style: Nedcon Maritime provides just the right thing, symbolized by the small red dot which totally complements our clients’ complex, time-sensitive projects embodied by the large red square. The ideal presentation title for our logo is ‘Match to win’, a formula that perfectly describes how our services satisfy completely any client’s requests.

Maritime Manpower

Nedcon Maritime Manpower

Narcis Bacaintan, Managing Director: “This new identity encouraged Nedcon Maritime to find a more confident and vigorous voice in company’s marketing and sales efforts across the globe. Our clients’ feedback appreciated the brand improvement, the new appearance and the corporate communication describing it as being appropriate, strong and inspirational!”. We invite you to discover more about Nedcon Maritime by visiting our website or contacting us and any feedback would be much appreciated.

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